Smart Facility | Building Management Services In Singapore


KJFEM’s building management and maintenance services are technology-based, with in-house hardware and software that are IoT enabled.

What is IoT in building management? IoT provides live information, streamed in real-time, for proactive management and maintenance of assets. This is achieved through wireless technology recording and data analysis.

From the standpoint of management, this smart system can check and inform its users of either possible or confirmed technological failures, offer records of your underutilised resources, as well as present potential solutions for optimal energy use and general facility management. This information are provided regardless of the user’s current location.

IoT offers you accessibility and convenience: you will not need to use conventional methods to retrieve building maintenance and oversights. Additionally, the IoT removes waiting time to resolve issues such as equipment malfunctions – these would halt to operations due to limiting factors of logistics and manpower.

Rest assured that our team of experienced engineers will closely monitor the functioning of this smart technology (IoT) through a centralised command centre at our designated Head Quarters.

The System

First, the system identifies any problem or issue in the building and facility. Should there be any inconsistency or any form of malfunctioning, our clients will be alerted immediately. You can then reach our central command, instead of going through our company’s service operator. Following this, the smart system generates a ticket automatically. This effectively saves time, cost, and resources that would otherwise be needed for the operator to open a case manually, record a ticket number and produce a transcribed report. What’s more, any tickets that the system issues are also stored within its cloud storage – these can be easily located and accessed in future.

Our engineers at HQ will address the found issue digitally through a series of troubleshooting methods.

However, should the problem persist, it will be assigned to an experienced engineer to manage the issue physically. This is where the auto-generated report proves to be more helpful: the engineer utilises it to curate precise solutions to tackle the problem.

Throughout this whole process, rest assured that you will be exposed to live information on your building management. With frequent updates, you will be completely aware of the cost breakdowns and equipment status during initial assessments. Moreover, this information aligns with KJFEM’s transparent approach. As we share accurate repair and equipment costs, this allows consultations and approval to be transparent – offering you better supervision of the changes made.

The Benefits

As KJFEM’s clients, you stand to reap various advantages from our IoT enabled hardware and software. Out of which, the main benefit would be time efficiency. Reeling in our advanced technology eliminates any waiting time in identifying any issues and implementing the respective solutions. Essentially, you can save on costs and resources while having full control of your building’s management. At the end of the day, our building management services are an investment – you can concentrate on main business objectives while your facilities run at the highest efficiency (conceptually and physically), without close supervision.

Stay ahead with KJFEM’s smart building management services

Here at KJFEM, our team is constantly looking for innovative ways to push our boundaries and offer better performance-based facilities management across various industries in Singapore. With a drive to offer long term technical management solutions that are energy-focused, entrust your building management to our highly proficient engineers.

To learn more about our wireless controlled building management services, please drop us a call at +65-6863 0500 or email us at [email protected]. Let us elevate your building management process with our cutting-age technology today.

Building management encompasses property upkeep, operation, repair, and maintenance. This is a collection of legal and technical activities necessary for building maintenance and functionally required for land maintenance to guarantee that property is used for the intended purpose. To ensure sustainability, a computer-based system is implemented within buildings to monitor and manage the building's electrical and mechanical systems, such as the power system, lighting, and ventilation.
IoT is a smart system that can check for and notify users of potential or verified technological faults, provide records of underutilised resources, and propose prospective solutions for energy efficiency and building management. Regardless of the user's current location, this information is supplied. However, rest assured that our team of experienced engineers will continuously monitor the system's operation through a centralised command post at our HQ.
Building maintenance is necessary to keep a property in good condition to continue to serve its purpose and have a pleasing appearance. Cleaning common spaces, collecting garbage regularly, and fixing damaged amenities are part of building maintenance. Electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and other utility services may be inspected, repaired, and maintained.
Building management systems are most commonly used to regulate HVAC, heating, and ventilation systems, but building managers may also use them for other purposes. Other components may include boiler controls, lighting control, security and observation, elevators, fire alarm system, and plumbing. Many building management systems come with extra capabilities and features, and some may even be tailored to the facility's unique needs.
Having a building management system safeguards your most valuable assets with the help assistance of our state-of-the-art monitoring features. It also allows you to easily access and control any aspect of your building's operations. Furthermore, occupancy controls and automatic scheduling helps your facility function more cost-effectively.