Blog: 4 Foolproof Ways to Become a More Efficient Facility Manager

Blog: 4 Foolproof Ways to Become a More Efficient Facility Manager

Building and facility management in Singapore is often a demanding field. Everything in a facility, from its infrastructure to its systems, equipment, and grounds, presents a multitude of demanding challenges when you are overseeing the entire facility. You will encounter various challenges and obstacles daily, typically requiring a unique skill set.

As a facility manager, you must be adept at identifying infrastructure issues and maintaining the office grounds, along with big-picture knowledge. Possessing these skills will enable you to become more effective at doing your job and carrying out your responsibilities. Here are some of the most valuable tips to help you become a facility manager with greater reliability and efficiency. 

1. Create a proactive facility plan

Stoppages, breakages, and other unexpected problems with the infrastructure or equipment are usually the most prominent obstacles facility managers face. These problems are often distracting, but many can be simply prevented with proactive maintenance. To become a better facility manager, you should learn how to manage a schedule that will help you stay ahead of maintaining your facility’s equipment and systems. 

The most efficient facility managers utilise standardised procedures, such as checklists, to properly carry out maintenance tasks. They also keep records of their maintenance and issues at all times. By doing the same, you can identify trends or patterns and develop valuable insights to help you manage your facilities more effectively.

2. Know what and when things need to be done

The best facility managers can look into the future and identify tasks that need to be carried out before they become a problem. This does not imply that you need psychic abilities to become an effective facility manager. Instead, what this requires is that you should know how to be organised.

In most facility management roles, there are always jobs that need to be done regularly, while there are also those that are performed very infrequently – once a year, once every three years, maybe even less often. To be an efficient facility manager, you must always know when these infrequent jobs need to be performed again. This requires you to learn the history of your business. By mastering the operating cycles of the business, you will know what needs doing before you are even told about it.

3. Enhance your communication skills

The most successful facility managers are great communicators. Good communication skills are a great way to perform your role more effectively. Clarity is the most critical communication skill you should develop for your job. As a facility manager, you must ensure that you are easily understood and communicate effectively.

For instance, if you are trying to schedule an upgrade to your company’s IT system, which will cause some network downtime, you should be able to provide advance notice in a way that will engage and inform everyone effectively, such as through an all-staff email bulletin. As a facility manager, you should always know what, when, and how to communicate.

4. Learn how to manage money

Handling budgets and making purchases are typically part of the responsibilities of a facility manager. When managing extensive facilities budgets and making big purchases, it can be easy to get carried away and overspend, especially during the first few months of the new budget period. However, if you want to improve your job, you must learn to manage money more efficiently.

Treat the company facilities budget like it is your own. Doing so will most likely change the way you approach the purchasing process. The best facility managers know how to save the company money without compromising on the quality of their purchase. Always aim to come in under budget instead of on budget whenever you plan and cost a project. Thus, if anything overruns or more costs arise than anticipated, you will have a buffer you can overspend without going beyond the budget.


A good facility manager is proactive, organised, clear, and thrifty. In essence, facility managers play a significant role in ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of facilities to meet every health, security, and legal requirement. A facility manager needs to be effective and efficient with such great responsibility. Without such effectiveness and efficiency, a facility would probably be in disarray.

Suppose you are looking for ways to ensure that your building meets the needs of its occupants and complies with all the regulations in place. In that case, you should consider seeking the help of a trusted facilities management service provider in Singapore. 

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