About Us - KJFEM | Integrated & Interactive Energy Management


KJ FEM Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as OCS Singapore) is now a part of KJTS Group. We are an Energy and Facilities Management Solutions Company that offers comprehensive services that cater to our clients’ diverse needs. We provide integrated and interactive energy management as well as performance-based facilities management solutions all across Singapore.


To deliver energy-focused, technical management services with long-term, reliable, and guaranteed performance-based solutions that bridge divides across borders and cultures.

The Timeline

  1. The company has started in Singapore under Don-Thaker Cleaning Services Pte. Ltd. (DTG)
  2. The company has built its ground in providing commercial cleaning services with proven track records
  3. The company embarked in serving specialized industries such as Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical sector
  4. DTG was acquired by OCS Group UK
  5. The company has elevated its competencies and started serving the Aviation industry
  6. The company has received BizSAFE Star category/ Clean Mark Silver category certification and accreditation
  7. The company has started to provide bundled facility services due to client’s demand in non-core support function
  8. The company is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001
  9. The company is BCA FM02 Level 5 registered
  10. KJTS Group has acquired OCS in Singapore to extend its Energy and Facilities Management solutions capabilities to the region.
  11. The company is now operating as KJ FEM Pte. Ltd.

KJFEM’s head office, KJTS Group is based in Malaysia and it has grown its working operations regionally to Thailand as well to continuously engage reforms from new perspectives, challenging the industry and its status quo as a group.

Our Values

Client Focused

Fulfilling our clients’ needs is our top priority. It’s what drives us to form strong and lasting relationships. With the combination and utilisation of our technical expertise and technological innovations, we look to fostering partnerships to deliver the high-quality service that you, as our client, deserve.

Cultural Diversity

As our world has become a Global Village, KJFEM makes it a priority to uphold and respect cultural diversity and boundaries in both the workplace and our projects. We welcome ideas that are unique and celebrate differences, allowing us the ability to serve, function, and integrate seamlessly into the spaces we operate in.

Social Responsibility

We are only as good as our environment. As a result, our company is dedicated to protect and uphold our social responsibility to both the communities we serve and the environment our developments are in. We will ensure that we do our part to place reforms that benefits every entity involved.


We are always looking for ways to push our boundaries and becoming better at what we do. By encouraging innovation and creativity, we believe each success is only a stepping stone to greater solutions and achievements. KJFEM does not see absolutes, only platforms.


In whatever we do, KJFEM believes in giving it our all and our best. We ensure that each project we handle will have our full attention to detail, providing us with the platform to keep outdoing standards that have already been and yet to be set. We are constantly working to improve ourselves in whatever capacity, so our clients would always stand to benefit from our services.


A working machine can best be gauged by its functioning parts. Therefore, we at KJFEM are committed to the personal and overall development of our employees and subsidiaries. We take into account the necessary measures to nurture their performance and personal growth, cultivating unity and motivation that produces desirable results.


We are nothing without our integrity, and we take this to heart. KJFEM works constantly to ensure that we operate with strict compliance to laws, regulations, and standards, both regionally and internationally. We also take privacy, confidentialities, and policies seriously, so your rights, as our client, would always be protected and safe.

KJFEM delivers a comprehensive range of energy and property related management services harnessing our unique technology platform for transparency and effective cost and performance management.

We provide total facilities management service solutions with years of experience and proven track record. Our services include all kinds of hard and soft services, cleaning, landscape services, building maintenance, customer services and concierge. We deliver management systems and services which add value to our clients, increase efficiency and produce environmental and social benefits.

Today, KJFEM has extended its core services to include energy management, contracting services, building management and mobile facilities management. We extend our services to multiple sectors ranging from corporate offices, manufacturing & labs (clean room environment), aviation, retail and more.


Technology is a core part of the business, apart from the industry push on automation & robotics, KJFEM adopts similar approach in-house in delivering technology-enabled energy and property related services such as wireless controlled building management system. KJFEM fully embraces the power of technology advancement for transparency and effective cost and performance management as a company.

KJFEM is also developing in-house software to create better efficiencies deviating from manual processes and reduce human intervention. These functionalities in the application include digital audit system, seamless internal purchasing functions and tracking of client requests history, enabling our business a more agile and collaborative approach.