Sectors - KJFEM | District Cooling Plant & System


We are always looking for ways to expand and reach greater heights within and beyond our utilities as well as capabilities, not only to achieve a set industry standard but to establish our own benchmark that would be used as a platform for systems in future. Utilising a strong base within our Services’ core business models, KJFEM offers tailor-made and comprehensive amenities for the following Sectors.

Commercial & Retail

Where there are people in constant movement and activity, we at KJFEM will ensure to provide for the needs of each individual while looking at the entirety of the whole. Whatever the objective and requirement, we will fulfil them. We offer either a single service on a single site or a bundled service at multiple locations managed by a single point of contact. These services provide a smoother and seamless process for monitoring retails, malls, and commercial facilities.

If you require energy saving methods, such as optimal air flow and temperature control in a building based on data precise analytics of peak and off-peak times; or facilities management solutions, such as waste management, plumbing, air quality monitoring, tighter physical and digital surveillance; we will provide and maintain to your needs and wellbeing.

You can also trust that we would find the methods that are environmentally sound, allowing your facilities to function with cost-efficiency and high-performance sustainability.

Industrial & Manufacturing

There are no shortcuts when it comes to ensuring safety regulations of production and facilities in the Industrial & Manufacturing Sector. Therefore, KJFEM guarantees to take complete precautionary measures to uphold ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’.

We provide tailor-made solutions that suit the needs and requirements of any given industrial sub-sector, where there are high operational and functioning facilities, coming with its own set of equipment and procedural methods. Our deployment approach is to safeguard our clients and prevent any form of interruption to production/services.

Regardless of the types of industrial & manufacturing sectors, we deliver the expertise to support all your service needs. From non-core supports of your overall facility to energy-saving solutions, we will ensure that you receive guaranteed methods that will not only meet industry standards but also provide you with sustainable solutions that would protect your base of operations for the long run. 

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

KJFEM is dedicated to meeting the needs of those in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, allowing and aiding industry professionals and staff members to meet their daily challenges at their optimum capacity and capability.

We work closely with our international clients to provide the utmost care and quality, as it is paramount to this industry to ensure that each facility runs efficiently without any contamination in the scope that we deliver. We deliver integrated solutions, catering to our clients’ needs and requirements for them to provide the consolidated attention to their core business.

We uphold a clean and sterile environment through regulated cleaning regiments and services, health and safety checks through our HSE teams, right up to your building and facility management with a proven track record. Using our very own intelligent management and supporting systems, we will ensure that your facilities run with the finest procedural control and supervision.


Minds can only be fostered when in an environment that allows for it. Therefore, KJFEM provides a setting that can do just that.

At any facility that offers learning opportunities, the basis always stems from high quality management of its systems and services provided. Our approach to achieving this is to use technological infrastructures to monitor and gauge school facilities, whereby safeguarding acceptable standards of each system.

We also ensure that the health and safety of students and educators are always maintained, keeping in standard practice and preventative measures that could threaten that. Our list of services ranges from, but are not limited to, grounds and overall building management, to security and specialised cleaning.


As key to any business in the hospitality industry, it is imperative to uphold patrons’ satisfaction with a variable list of what provides and meets their comfort and peace-of-mind.

How we come in, is by aiding in the delivery of these variables. On our hard services, we ensure that your facilities are in top condition, monitoring your building and infrastructures with our personally devised engineered system plans. We also provide an energy retrofitting service, whereby, regardless of an establishments’ age, we can optimise energy usage that guarantees sustainable results for the long run.

For our soft services, we offer a range of necessities from front-desk operatives, house keepers, landscape planning and maintenance, all the way down to staff catering. With these functioning at the Back of House level, clients within this industry would be able to fully dedicate themselves to their core business models, completely alleviated from the minute details.

KJFEM helps you serve others by serving you.  


As travel has become a wide scale endeavour and industry, high movement activity is what comes along with the ride. Here at KJFEM, we extend our aid in maintaining the necessary support function and quality efficiencies in value chain solutions to various airlines and their service providers.

Operating on a fast-paced environment, we provide services which work to support our clients’ business models, reduce costs of consumption, as well as provide staff and travellers with essential utilities on-time and without delay to avoid any interruptions to flight operations.

Capitalising on our bespoke operational tool, entities such as staff, assets, allowing our highly-trained operatives to efficiently ensure that transport facilities maintain schedules, be constantly updated on relevant information, and be made completely aware of overall managing systems at all times.

However, our system is completely reliant on the requirements of our client’s specification, so we can provide complete optimisation through to the delivery. We work to alleviate the unnecessary stress and anxieties, so that travelling would be what it should: unadulterated enjoyment and pleasure from check-in to ship-out.